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Hello Friend,

I am Lorraine Mullett, I am an artist, illustrator and visual storyteller. I percolate thoughts with words and images to inspire others with uplifting messages that change lives in positive ways.

Lorraine Mullett at exhibit of her star collection. I put on my cape and soar with the stars . . . my pillow craft is the starship of my fleet . . . I am a star in my own world

Because I am a visual storyteller I re-imagine life in a playful way. My artwork is a partnership of meaningful words and images . . . heartfelt combinations . . . joy filled thoughts and playful wishes.

Lorraine Mullett's images are . . . contagiously optimistic friends . . . always seeking to uplift.

My nature is communicating with a whimsical whisper that results in genuine healing smiles. I use my artists vision and my storytellers soul to percolate, grow, and be your visual guide. 

My art reminds you to be your true self.

The able to smile, full of ease being that grows your life in glorious ways.  I thrive and write my story with visual images and brush strokes.

You respond because my art speaks to the secret compartments in your heart.

My resolution is simple, being healthy in all areas of my life .  .  .  .  . Lorraine Mullett

It is rethinking the thoughts you build into your life every moment of every day.

Welcome to my world  .  .  . be comforting friend.

I believe that what I think becomes what I believe and what I believe is what I create in my life.

We all do the same thing.

You think thoughts. Your thoughts percolate and become your beliefs. Your beliefs are the structure of what you allow into your life. Fractured thoughts produce beliefs that lack the strength to nourish your true spirit.

Life giving thoughts resolve issues before they form into problems . . . concerns . . . beliefs.

. . . my approach is . . . simple . . .
whimsical . . . and heartfelt . . .

In my world I build a pattern of thinking that sees perspective, not as an art term, but as a door to a new way of being whole. 

As an artist I discovered I am the spirit of who I truly am. I stretch and reach for my realness so I can share it. This is my continuing process to see “the glass overflowing”. 

It is a knowing that joy creates more joy and thoughts over time become beliefs. Because my message is pure and true it slips directly to your inner core and creates and inner spark that grows and grows till it expresses itself as a genuine smile.

being healthy in all areas of my life

My blog is where I tell the backstory.

. . . it gives you an insight into why a genuine smile is the gift you give yourself. The part of you that wants the peace of being the thriving spirit that you truly are . . . 

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Lorraine Mullett . . . my background . . .

Graduated Montserrat School of Art in Beverly, MA.

Earned a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Illustration from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Have a solid base in family and work experience in design, illustration, publishing, business and teaching.

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